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black and white photo of mustafa saadi standing in front of a building
Medicine at Michigan
From investment banker to future doctor
Mustafa Saadi, M4, started in the finance world and is finding a second career in medicine.
Man kneeling, wearing a doctor's white coat. His right leg has a prosthetic.
Medicine at Michigan
A Paralympian medical student feels grateful for unexpected gifts
How cancer and a scholarship changed the course of Sam Grewe’s life
A young Asian American woman with long curled brown hair, wearing blue scrubs, a white doctor's coat, and a stethoscope
Medicine at Michigan
Two degrees, one vision
A University of Michigan medical student who is also working on an MBA discusses what she wants to do with her two degrees.
Medicine at Michigan
Diversifying Medicine
A first-generation student develops a web platform to break down barriers for others
Medicine at Michigan
Medicine and Law
A dual enrollee is focusing on his “why.”
Medicine at Michigan
3D Printing a More Accessible Future
A medical student advocates for health care providers with disabilities.
Medicine at Michigan
M1 Has Serious Fun with Podcasting and Rom-Coms
She brings her gender studies chops to all aspects of life and school.
Medicine at Michigan
Why not both?
A medical student explores anthropology and emergency medicine.
Medicine at Michigan
Departures and Arrivals
Air Force pilot to M1
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