Arts in Health Impact
Woman playing green harp in foreground with patient seated on hospital bed in background listening

Healing Through the Arts

Every day hundreds of people embark on healthcare journeys at Michigan Medicine with the help of Arts in Health. From live therapeutic music to art kits delivered to patient rooms, art can be the beginning of healing for patients and their loved ones.

Our medical center may surprise you with its natural light, gardens, color, design, and music. Discover more of what we have to offer below.

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Art Delivered Daily
Our bedside programs, where music and art come directly to patients, help patients and their families begin to heal.
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Patients a year visited by Bedside Music
Art kits a year shared with patients
Original art coloring books provided

My healing began the day you entered my room.

U-M Health Patient
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The Impact of Therapeutic Music

Visiting over 8,000 patients a year, live therapeutic music at the bedside can help to relieve pain, help you fall asleep, celebrate good news, provide joy with beloved tunes, or companionship during challenging moments.

This hospital has it all!

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Patient and female Gifts of Art staff member seated on bed displaying colorful art poster
The Impact of Art

Arts projects are a welcome diversion while in the hospital. With time away from ordinary life, you can explore your creative side.

  • Our house-made art kits include everything you need to make simple, yet special masterpieces. Over 5,000 a year are shared with people like you.
  • To date we have provided over 200,000 original art coloring books to members of the Michigan Medicine community on local themes. It's a joy to see you transform pages with color and pattern.
  • In an average year, 1,000s of inpatients choose the art that they look at in their room during their stay from a catalogue of Art Cart Posters.
More to explore
Nine Art Galleries to Explore

Thousands of people a day walk by nine galleries of changing art exhibits. The Michigan Medicine community sees over 30 different shows a year that are engaging, enriching, comforting, delighting, and often surprising.

In-Person & Online Concerts

With in-person concerts and an online streamed series you can watch 24/7, hundreds of people enjoy top notch performances at Michigan Medicine every week.

Life Sciences Orchestra Concerts

Twice a year we give back to the community with two free symphony concerts at Ann Arbor’s Hill Auditorium. The Life Sciences Orchestra is made up of faculty, scientists, staff, learners, and alumni in life science areas of Michigan Medicine and the University of Michigan.

Arts in Health Personal Stories
Woman with guitar smiling while peeking around the corner of a patient room
The Arts in Physical Therapy
During the PT session, the patient told his physical therapist that every time musicians come by, his pain seems to decrease, and he needs less and less pain medication. He also feels more motivated to go outside and becomes more hopeful and energized.
Health Lab
How bedside musicians helped one family cope with tragedy
How the gifts of art and beside music and art programs helped one family cope with tragedy
Collaborative Art

Check out collaborative art projects made by faculty, staff, and learners at Michigan Medicine.