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Creating a Critical Bridge Between Science and Mental Health

Scientists are learning more every day about how the brain functions and how we can best impact care for mental illnesses. We still have a great deal of progress to make for depression, bipolar disorder, substance use disorders, and many other conditions.

You can help. We are using a wide range of research approaches — including mathematical and computer models — to make discoveries that will change lives. We are studying long-term memory, sleep, ADHD, and chronic headache pain in treatment-resistant patients, and much more.

Your gift will support our collaborative and inclusive environment. Together we can:

  • Launch impactful research studies, such as identifying genes involved in behavioral and mental health disorders
  • Provide extra resources to ongoing efforts such as improving treatment and preventing recurrences of major depression
  • Support collaborations with clinicians at the Eisenberg Family Depression Center, the Department of Psychiatry, and faculty throughout the university
  • Provide training opportunities across specialties

We used to struggle to explain mental illnesses in scientific terms, but U-M led the way in changing that. We created the Mental Health Research Institute in 1955 and coined the phrase “neuroscience” in the early 1960s. Today that work continues at the Michigan Neuroscience Institute.

Help us keep exciting discoveries about the brain at the forefront of medicine. Together, we can move our pioneering program forward to improve the lives of patients and their families.

Giving Opportunities
Innovative Research Investment
A major goal of the Michigan Neuroscience Institute is to foster connections between scientists in order to advance our understanding of brain function and the brain's myriad diseases. Your gift will enable scientists to explore novel ideas leading to hig
Bolster collaborative research
Postdoctoral Fellow Research Fund
Early career scientists often have the best ideas but lack the funds to see them through. Your gift will help the next generation of scientists find answers to the complex problems posed by the brain and lead us toward better treatments for brain diseases
Advance promising research
Partner With Us

We would be pleased to discuss your interests and goals — and the impact your gift can have. We can connect you with faculty and staff, identify where your help is most needed, and share how giving can provide personal satisfaction as well as financial and tax benefits.

Mike Harders Mike Harders
Managing Director of Development