Coloring Books
Completed coloring page of woman using camera

Relax with Coloring

Feel like relaxing? Our original art coloring books are available to Michigan Medicine patients and guests. You can also download pages and get started now with your own coloring supplies.

Art Gallery Coloring book cover Art Gallery

The Art Gallery Coloring Book features the work of artists who have exhibited in our galleries over the 30+ years of Gifts of Art history.

Coloring book cover with bird feeder image I'd Rather Be...

When we surveyed patients, not surprisingly, we found the majority would prefer not to be in the hospital, they would rather be…

Cover of Kaleidoscope coloring book Kaleidoscope

"Kaleidoscopes are simply broken pieces, but when you put them together they turn into something beautiful. When I started coloring, I began to feel whole again.”

Gifts of Art Kaleidoscope Coloring Book

Kaleidoscope Coloring Book

Featuring intriguing kaleidoscopic images from master kaleidoscope maker Charles Karadimos, quilt maker Paula Nadelstern, and more.

Coloring Pages