Art Exhibits
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Our Art Reflects Our Community

The Gifts of Art exhibition program strives to honor the diversity of our community by mounting exhibits that reflect it. You can learn more about the current artwork or enjoy these exhibits online.

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Call for Art

The Gifts of Art program at Michigan Medicine is seeking submissions through June 15 for solo and group art exhibits for 2024-2025.

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Events Calendar

See Michigan Medicine’s full Events Calendar for a variety of public programming including Gifts of Art exhibits, workshops, webinars, and special events.

Ever-changing. Always Inspiring.

With a large and diverse faculty, staff, patient, guest, and learner population, the Gifts of Art exhibition program strives to be inclusive and honor this diversity by mounting exhibits that reflect our community and today's world.

The artwork in Gifts of Art's nine galleries changes quarterly and represents a broad range of styles, mediums, forms, and subjects. Enjoy an ever-changing sampling of the best art the region has to offer.

All exhibits are available both in-person (for those who work, are approved visitors, or have an appointment on the main medical campus) and online.

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How to Exhibit

Gifts of Art seeks submissions from artists to exhibit in our nine 2D and 3D galleries located throughout Michigan Medicine.

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A Michigan Medicine employee holds up a ribbon earned for her art
Employee Art Exhibit

Each year Gifts of Art presents an exhibition of artwork by Michigan Medicine faculty, staff, learners, volunteers.

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Permanent Art Collection

Hospital corridors and lobbies are also art galleries.

Community Art

Hospital-wide community art projects are specialties of Gifts of Art. Learn more about some of the projects.