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About Housing Bureau for Seniors

The Housing Bureau for Seniors assists adults 55+ obtain and/or maintain sustainable housing through the provision of eviction and foreclosure prevention services as well as housing counseling.

As a part of Michigan Medicine, we are not-for-profit and charge no fees. With a solid foundation of support from Michigan Medicine, the contributions of private and corporate donors, and grants from local civic groups and municipalities, we are able to ensure ongoing services.

Housing is Healthcare: We Have Answers to Your Questions

The adage goes that only 10% of an iceberg is visible above the surface of the water. Applying the concept of an iceberg to housing, literal homelessness would be what is visible amongst the waves. The Housing Bureau for Seniors works below the surface to prevent literal homelessness. These issues can look different for everyone:

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The Homelessness Iceberg
Infographic depicting homelessness

Hidden Homelessness

When someone has only temporary, unstable housing.

  • “Couch-surfing” or “doubling up”
  • There is a lack of supports in place to keep this person housed

Unstable Housing

When someone is facing issues that directly threaten their housing

  • Behind on rent or mortgage payments
  • Moving frequently 

Unaffordable Housing

When someone’s debt-to-income ratio is unsustainable

  • Income doesn’t cover their expenses
  • Not paying other necessary bills or going without medication or food to maintain housing