Bedside Art Program
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Explore the Arts

A visit by an artist-in-residence is an opportunity to try something new.

Do you want to try a simple and fun art project or immerse yourself in coloring? Artists-in-residence bring FREE art-making projects for you and your guests right to your room. A visit by an artist-in-residence is an opportunity to try something new, discuss art, or simply have fun!

You can select from a variety of diverse art kits with materials and designs from around the world or enjoy one of our special original art coloring books. Art kits include journals, beaded bracelets, paper folding, greeting cards, drawing, painting, and more.

To meet our many requests, patients may receive two coloring books and up to two art kits per week.

Request an Art Kit, Coloring Book or Visit
By Phone or Email
Request Bedside Art. Artists-in-Residence available M-F.

Request Bedside Art on your Michigan Medicine inpatient iPad, or ask a clinician to request it for you on MiChart

Creating Art at the Bedside – What Are the Benefits?

• Promotes relaxation
• Distracts from pain
• Comforts patients and families
• Lifts mood/spirit
• Promotes emotional healing and well-being
• It's fun!

Special Art Service

Comfort Legacy Kits for sacred end-of-life moments

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Online Art Projects
Art on Demand
A patient smiles with a coloring book from the Bedside Art program
Coloring Books

You can color pages from Gifts of Art original art coloring books anytime.

Start Coloring
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Hamsa Hands

You can make your own Hamsa Hand now. The ancient Hamsa symbol of an open palm has been a sign of protection and good fortune for thousands of years across many nations and traditions.

Make your Hamsa Hand
Van Gough Sunflowers cartoon
Hospital to Home Videos

Continue with art projects started in the hospital by watching Hospital to Home videos about Gifts of Art projects

Watch Hospital to Home Videos
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Art Resources

Discover online art resources from around the world

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