Giving to Radiation Oncology
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Support Personalized Cancer Medicine

A cancer diagnosis is intensely personal. Treatment should be as well.

Our radiation oncologists are changing the way patients fighting cancer are treated. We are developing and testing new approaches to therapy for brain cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, and more. And we are seeing promising clinical results. You can help us personalize radiation oncology care for all patients.

Your gift will enable us to:

  • Advance the use of imaging, genomics, and special blood tests to determine how an individual’s tumor is responding to therapy and whether any normal tissue is being affected
  • Adjust a patient’s radiation plan during treatment based on that information, rather than treating all patients the same 
  • Develop and test drugs aimed at increasing radiation success 
  • Leverage radiation therapy to boost patients’ response to treatments that engage the immune system to fight cancer
  • Learn how to better communicate with patients to ensure their own values and preferences are reflected in treatment decisions
  • Train tomorrow’s radiation oncology leaders

As one of the finest radiation oncology departments in the country, we are dedicated to improving outcomes for patients with cancer. Gifts to our program will help us create a paradigm shift in the field and significantly increase the cure rate of our patients and people everywhere.

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Our goal is to individualize radiation therapy for each cancer patient and we count on your support to pursue impactful translational research leading to the design of innovative and successful clinical trials.
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We would be pleased to discuss your interests and goals — and the impact your gift can have. We can connect you with faculty and staff, identify where your help is most needed, and share how giving can provide personal satisfaction as well as financial and tax benefits.

Amanda Knapp Amanda Knapp
Assistant Director of Development