Group of medical students in white coats on steps of medical building, smiling
Leadership and Enrichment for Academic Diversity

LEAD is a joint venture between the Office of Admissions, the Office for Health Equity and Inclusion (OHEI) and the Office of Medical Student Education (OMSE). Admitted students should express interest in the LEAD program to the Office of Admissions for the Medical School. Selections will be offered and made at the discretion of the Dean and Office of Admissions. Students who are selected to participate in this program will arrive on campus two weeks before their White Coat Ceremony to participate in the LEAD program.

LEAD Program Goals
Give students an early introduction to the medical school environment and position them as leaders and mentors for their incoming peers.
Offer effective strategies and tools to bolster professionalism and leadership skills.
Increase student commitment to combat health disparities and inequities.
Empower students as advocates for their peers and themselves and integrate them early on into the lifeblood of our institution.
What Makes LEAD Unique
Black man gesturing and seated with group at table talking to students with back to camera Health Equity and Inclusion

OHEI faculty and staff provide leadership, mentorship, and social justice advocacy development; exposure to social determinants of health; community building; and social identity development.

Row of students with focus on Black woman with braids wearing glasses and colorful scarf Learning to Lead

OMSE staff assist with leadership strategies, including setting goals, improving organizational skills, and providing techniques to grow as a leader and mentor peers in the transition to medical school.

Widely diverse group of 25 students posed outside in front of a tree Continued Support

Students who participate in LEAD receive ongoing support from OHEI and are encouraged to stay connected to their cohort throughout medical school to coordinate efforts, share best practices, and serve as support to one another.