Arts in Health Patient Services
Young man and girl smiling and holding up art in hospital room

The Arts at Your Bedside

Find out about bedside music, art, and storytelling opportunities for yourself, your guests, or someone in your care.

Free bedside art services
Bedside Music

Try a free music visit from a Certified Music Practitioner® to help make your stay more comfortable and restorative.

Bedside Story Studio

Share a meaningful story for someone special in your life.

Bedside Art

You can enjoy a simple and fun art project or immerse yourself in coloring when artists-in-residence bring free art making projects right to your room.

Art Cart Posters

The Art Cart program is a lending library of framed poster art. You can choose the poster that hangs on the wall of your room during your stay.

Bedside art team

Members of the Gifts of Art Bedside Music and Art teams displaying the tools of their trades