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Frequently Asked Questions About Sponsorship

The Michigan Medicine corporate sponsorship program follows a thorough process of evaluating sponsorship opportunities.

The committee will look for charitable opportunities that support the organization’s strategy, mission and goals.

See the list below for some frequently asked questions about Michigan Medicine sponsorship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A sponsorship is defined as direct financial support for special events.

Sponsorship requests can be submitted by Michigan Medicine faculty or staff, U-M Medical School students or an external organization.

Complete an application and submit it to [email protected]. Our email account may filter our requests from "gmail" accounts as part of our email security, please send from any other type of email.

Sponsorship requests are reviewed by members of the Sponsorship Committee. The committee consists of representative from each of the following areas:

Ambulatory Care
Hospitals & Health Centers
Human Resources
Medical School
Office of the EVPMA
Dept. of Communication

All Michigan Medicine departments have the latitude to sponsor events from their own budgets. You can also refer the requestor to the sponsorship website or email [email protected]

Yes, but you still need to fill out an application and the application is subject to committee review. The sponsorship committee can also assist in seeking out other Michigan Medicine departments to partner with in order to increase our reach and impact.

Michigan Medicine sponsorship committee follows a thorough and consistent process when evaluating each request. We evaluate the request against established sponsorship criteria, as well as U-M Standard Practice Guide regulations. We have a limited budget, so even though a request may meet our established criteria, it might be denied because of lack of funds.

  1. The submitted application is received.
  2. The application is reviewed by the Sponsorship Committee.
  3. The request is reviewed for compliance with UM SPG.
  4. The requester is notified of the decision.
  5. Approved requests are fulfilled.

Yes. Support of sport organizations (i.e. pee-wee football, little league teams, etc.) and requests that benefit an individual, family, political candidates or organizations will be excluded from consideration. All sponsorship relationships must be consistent with regulatory requirements as set forth in the U-M Standard Practice Guide.

Call 734-647-4534 or email [email protected].