The MasterTailor also runs one of the very few manufacturing sites in Samui. So, if time matters to you, The MasterTailor can blend both services of tailoring and manufacturing into a swift turnaround with express services overnight...a service of high competitive advantage and for your benefits.
Complemented with the personal pick-up and drop-off car service, personalized ordering service and order-by-mail based on measures-on-record (upon your request only), The MasterTailor does cater for your preferences.
The MasterTailor stocks about XXXXXX fabrics ranging from affordable to exclusive. Few bespoke tailors offer such a wide selection on the spot…in the array of fabrics such as silk and and cashmere, wool, cotton, satin and others.
Having custom tailored suits for professional men and women since 1997, the business has set itself a reputation that stretches seamlessly across its increasing customer stock around the world.
The MasterTailor carry out fittings, make alterations and take new orders, giving customers the opportunity to expand their wardrobes and refresh old suits. Customers tend to stay for life. They appreciate the sophisticated tailoring and individualized attention they can take for granted at The MasterTailor